The Priest on The Floor Outside Nancy Pelosi's Office!

November 6 at 9:49pm Friday,

The Priest on The Floor Outside Nancy Pelosi's Office!

I am not Catholic. So why did the image of the priest on the floor in front of Nancy Pelosi’s office bring tears to my eyes.

I was having a busy day. I had twenty minutes where I could make some calls, check my email and go online. There was nothing emotional about my day. I was in a good mood. But the health care vote did weigh heavy on my mind. Still, I had basic family management to deal with.

Still, I was surprised when the image of a fully frocked priest laying straight on the floor outside of Nancy Pelosi’s office brought me to tears for a good 15 minutes. I had spent the week in between doing laundry and taking care of my family discussing the CHURCH’s apathetic attitude on abortion. My friend in New Mexico, Monte Harms and I have swapped research. I vented about the Evangelical Lutheran Church’s quote that “A developing life in the womb does not have an absolute right to be born,” stated on their website. It angered me. Then this week I printed a list or pro choice organizations for a bible study I was putting together:

Episcopal Church

Evangelical Lutheran Church of America

Presbyterian Church (USA)

United Church of Christ

United Methodist Church

General Board of Church and Society, United Methodist Church

General Board of Global Ministries, Women’s Division, United Methodist Church

Unitarian Universalist

Unitarian Universalist Association

Unitarian Universalist Women’s Federation

Young Religious Unitarian Universalists

Continental Unitarian Universalist Young Adult Network

Anti-Defamation League

Catholics for Choice

Christian Lesbians Out (CLOUT)

Church of the Brethren Women’s Caucus

Disciples for Choice

Episcopal Urban Caucus

Episcopal Women’s Caucus

Lutheran Women’s Caucus

Methodist Federation for Social Action

Presbyterians Affirming Reproductive Options (PARO)

Women’s American ORT

YWCA of the USA

The Religious Coalition for Reproductive

I have become pretty thick skinned so I tell myself. I speak out about abortion. I take the hits from people on YOUTUBE that swear at me and send me disgusting emails protesting my pro life stance, I counsel post abortive women. I am an author of a book “TO BE A MOTHER” that is a #1 Amazon best seller and is rabidly pro life. I tell myself I am ready for the battle. Then in the middle of my day I can’t help but question myself…”Why did the image of a Priest on the floor make you cry?’

My sister had cancer years ago and had to endure lots of radiation. She is recovered and doing great. But the doctors told her that due to increased radiation she would always need to be careful in the sun. I think as a post abortive woman myself I am amazed at the times when something triggers a memory inside of me. I am healed, forgiven, set free, redeemed in Christ and happy. But the ‘Priest on the FLOOR in Washington, DC made me cry.” When I had my abortion years ago there were no protestors outside of the abortion clinic in Orlando. No one laid their body on the sidewalk or handed me a brochure or said “we can help.” I recall hating the pro lifers after the abortion and being so ticked off at their wishy-washiness…I am learning now that even over 20 years after my abortion experience, I, like my sister, still have a wound that is sensitive at times.

When I went through healing and a post abortion bible study, I had to draw a pie chart, coloring in percentages of blame for my abortion. First time, I colored in the whole pie naming me as the single person responsible for the abortion. The counselor suggested I give it a little more thought, I then came back and gave a sliver to the govt/WASHINGTON for passing ROE V WADE. I did this because I realized with no doubt anywhere in my being that had abortion been illegal I would be sitting here today with my grown up daughter. So, the government officials that lived where Nancy Pelosi’s office now stands were given a piece of the pie. Then the counselor asked me questions about my church as a teen. I admitted that they never talked about abortion. Two years after moving from my town and being away from the church, I had an abortion. Later I found out that my church had become an Evangelical Lutheran Church…the same church that states “A developing life in the womb does not have an absolute right to be born.” So, I then not only gave my church a piece of the pie but a bigger sliver even than the government. I spent days upset after realizing that my church was partially responsible for my misinformation and abortion choice.

Recently, I went out on a speaking tour. I was surprised by the amount of non denominational or interdenominational evangelical churches afraid to discuss abortion. I was told that I would not be welcome to speak out of a fear that someone would be offended. Well that offended me.

I am not Catholic. The bible is where I turn to find the truth. I love the church I attend in NC. It is very pro life. Still the priest on the floor hit a nerve in me. This is what the word says:

Luke 8:21 says “my mother and my brother are those who hear the word and put it into practice”

The word says in Deuteronomy “CHOOSE LIFE” the word says in Psalm 139:13 “you knit me together in my mother’s womb”, James 1:22 says

22Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says.

James 1:27 talks about PURE RELIGION being to take care of orphans and widows.

1 John 3: 16

16 By this we know love, that he laid down his life for us, and we ought to lay down our lives for the brothers.

Yes, I am frustrated with the silence in most churches on abortion. My angst and pain on the subject is deep and the wound is still surprisingly easily opened. I am usually not one for theatrics. I like to believe we can ‘settle this’ with dialogue. But in my inner most being I am so upset to see how many people call themselves “CHRISTIAN” and do not ‘hear the word and put it into practice.” Where are they? What about the millions of women who are still afraid and still silent that have a wound that is not healed enough to be silent no more?” So, the priest on the floor Fr. Norman Weslin represented something to me that I had been longing to see on the day I walked into the abortion clinic. For years, I have been longing to find the soldiers of Christ, the knights in shining armour, the army ready to stand on the front line for women like me that have been wounded in this war. So, the priest on the floor made me cry because he gave me a glimpse of hope. A tiny glimmer of a longing so deep in my heart for the clergy of all the nations to be willing to put the word in practice, be doers of the word, practicing pure religion, and protecting what God has created. I don’t know where the other soldiers are….but I hope and pray this is just a sign of things to come and that hearts will be moved to remember me and all of the silent women who just don’t have the strength to do what the priest on the floor did. I hope the priest knows that one of us noticed and is profoundly moved..


Praise Jesus, a Glory story!

On Monday Gregory was diagnosed by our local Pediatrician with Bronchitis, but shortly after leaving his office, Gregory exhibited a spreading rash that began with his knees, progressed to the bottom of his feet and ended up on his torso, before I realized something had occurred. After calling the pediatrician that same Monday afternoon he advised us to take Benadryl.

By Tuesday the palms of his hands and feet were raging red and itching. The Pediatrician again recommended Benadryl.

I took him to my holistic doctor in Pennsylvania who speculated it was an over taxed liver.

Wednesday I was fortunate enough to have Dr. Kanevsky of Princeton clear his calendar for Gregory. He did blood work on Gregory, who was very brave. He confirmed that Gregory’s liver was barely working; that his body’s toxins were being excreted thru his skin. He diagnosed him with an auto immune response to a low functioning liver and spleen. He was given several medicines. And we are scheduled to see him again this Wednesday.

I want to thank everyone for their prayers. I am expecting he will be well enough to attend school by Monday.

Humbly in awe of God’s eternal mercy!

Maria Dolan

Dear Deacon Vince: I have to tell you that reading your updates have brought comfort to me. I am so thrilled for Baby Isabella and the misdiagnosis of Kaylee. Obviously God is working through you and God Bless you for all you have done for these children, their families and all who read your messages!

I don't know how to write this but here goes....

Last week, reading about Isabella brought tears to my eyes. It reminded me of the healing that my son experienced a few years back. 5 years ago I lost my mother due to a hopsital misdiagnosis and it had an enormous impact on me. When many people turn away from God, I turned to God. My son was only 2-1/2 years old at the time. He had just begun preschool. In school for over a year, he did not speak. They called it "selective mutism" and its cause could be due to a tramatic experience...like someone close to him dying. He also had an extremely low blood count that the doctors called, "benign neutropenia." A friend suggested I go to a healing mass at St. Veronica's in Howell and have him prayed over and so I did. I had never experienced anything like it and found it to be both baffling and beautiful at the same time. The following morning, I took him to preschool and decided to go (another suggestion) to the adoration chapel at our parish, St. Joe's in Toms River. After I came out of there I checked my cell phone for messages and on there was the director of Kevin's school screaming "it's a miracle, he's talking." And it truly was a miracle. Kevin was talking like nothing ever happened. One week later we had blood tests taken and all of Kevin's levels were NORMAL. I praise God and thank Him for doing this for Kevin. So I beleive every word out of Isabella's mouth about eating with the Holy Family and Jesus telling her, she will be healed. Which brings me to this....

We recently closed my husband's business and we are financially in a difficult time. He is looking for full time work with benefits. I am self employed but not making nearly enough to support our family. both our children attend St. Joe's and we really want to keep them there. My daughter begins MonDon next year and we were just told that tuition is almost $10k per year. I just got notice last week that our health insurance is going up to almost $1,500 per week, which is just unreasonable. Recently, we had 2 yard sales and I tried to sell a dollhouse for $500 which I had constructed for my daughter year's ago. She never showed interest in it so I figured I'd try and sell it to make some extra money which we need right now. Well it did not sell and my intention was to put it on Ebay, figuring someone out there would buy it for a Christmas present. I put over $1,000 into it between the kit, professional assembly and even wired for electric. Well anyway, as I was moving it into our house from the garage, Isabella came to mind. I feel like I was told, "give it to Isabella." Of course, my flesh chimed in and said, "we need the money," but this message really seemed too powerful to ignore. I mentioned it to my husband, and the fact that we need the money was brought up, although he did not argue with me. That night, he was watching a movie on TV and it turned out to be called, "The Dollhouse." So I beleive Jesus made his message clear!!!!!!!!!! I would like to offer this dollhouse to baby Isabella so that when she returns home she will have a beautiful dollhouse to play with. It is unfinsihed inside but she and her family could decorate it anyway they please.

Name with held by Deacon Vince

Hi. I am a post- abortive, healed and healing woman. I have been healed enough to give witness based on what I know and have sorrowed over. I have found that sharing the truth brings further healing and so I am a work in progress and I appreciate that we all have a story and in some degree we are all a work in progress. I am so grateful the Lord is a just and merciful Judge Who waits for the finished product. It's not where you start, it's where you finish.

Anyway, I have had several blessings in my life and the most recent happened yesterday, September 20th. I was invited to speak at all the Masses at St. Peter's Church, PPB to promote 40 Days For Life. This is an upcoming, nationwide pro-life movement of which I am greatly invested. Every single time I speak about abortion, even the seemingly less personal talks, it is so personal because of my experience. If not for the grace of God by His Mercy in Christ Jesus, I would not be able to do this. The last talk I gave for the day was at the end of the 12noon Mass and then the Divine Mercy Healing Ministry was coming at 2pm for what would prove to be a beautiful and blessed service at the Church.

At the end of the Divine Mercy service, the last person up for healing prayers was me and as I stood in the longer of the two lines waiting to be prayed over, I decided to stay put and wait out the wait so Deacon Vince, Daisy and Veronica could pray over me. Deacon Vince's words from his homily earlier rung in my ears about how we should wait for who we wanted to pray over us, so I did. I wanted him, so I waited. While they prayed over me, I was told different things of angels and of seraphim, to surrender and release everything to Jesus. Tears streamed out my eyes as I felt my heart become lighter. Deacon Vince's hand felt so heavy, like a weight, on my head.

In my mind's eye I saw the Divine Mercy image and wanted so much to immerse myself in the protective, Precious Blood of Christ and float in His Living Water. Just then, someone grabbed my hand in a particular way, almost how a child with a small hand would, and then I heard the Deacon's voice say "Are you expecting a child?" To this, I opened my eyes and found it was Deacon Vince holding my hand and I burst out with laughter as a reply to his question. I had no words and only the Lord knew why I laughed. I believe that Deacon Vince, Daisy and Veronica, as well as the others that joined them in prayer thought the chuckle meant I was pregnant or trying. But I am not. What the Lord knows and what I wish to share with you for the glory of our King and His Kingdom is that all throughout the day, on that very altar, in between each Holy Mass, I prayed before the talks I gave for the Lord to make very present and known to me that this was His will by specifically showing me that my unborn baby Rachel is present with me, as He is. I told Him that she is the baby I want but can never have on earth, so I desire to nurture her by the pro-life cause that is my personal cause in memory of my child who would only know heaven as home and Mary, most holy, as Mother.

Deacon Vince, the answer to your question prompted by the Holy Spirit is, "YES, I was expecting a baby." I was expecting little Rachel ... and through the words you spoke, that you didn't even know what they meant, nor did anyone, our gracious Lord showed me that she is present when He is present because she is in HIM. She is so Christ like.

Little Rachel, whose name I picked before I knew of our Scriptural sister Rachel, weeping in the desert for her children that were no more. Rachel, the namesake of the post-abortive healing ministry "Rachel's Vineyard." Rachel that means "like a lamb..." Sweet baby Rachel, so innocent, so precious.

Early today after morning prayer, a thought settled in my soul. It was that the Lord allowed my "choice" to haunt me all these years because it should. It's been a blessing. I've never experienced anything in my life more evil than my abortion. Facing down the devil and the truth about abortion firsthand on the frontline is what has brought my attention to it, kept my focus on it and is what has ultimately helped my continued process of healing. It has motivated my faith and put it into positive action. The fact that this horror takes 4,000 innocent lives a day every day (that we know of) blows my mind. If it didn't bother me, then I'd really be in trouble. But there is hope. Facing this intrinsic evil and becoming aware, awake and alert to the culture of death agenda makes it impossible to ignore.

Our Father in heaven has been forming a close, personal relationship with me over the course of all these years of healing through Jesus and no one can ever take that away. The path to this blessing of faith was paved by Mercy and comes full circle back to Mercy.

Yesterday, I surrendered another layer of hurt and sorrow and traded it for a deeper healing and joy, a joy only Christ can give, because only He brings understanding, wisdom and knowledge out of sorrow. Thanks be to God and may He continue to bless your ministry of Jesus' Healing Mercy.

In Christ,

Name removed by Deacon Vince for the Safety of the individual

“The level of ministry at Divine Mercy of New Jersey is fantastic. Having been a supplicant for many years, I am consistently impressed by the professionalism of every staff member I have come in contact with. Thank you! God Bless you all”

Antonio R.

“In this day and age, it’s hard to find a caring ministers you can trust. Divine Mercy of New Jersey was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of ministry I received was outstanding. Keep up the good work!”

Cathrine S.

With a

joyfully heart I thank you for your prayers, thoughts and concerns. Please join me Praising our Lord and Savior for all the works He is performing in all of us. All we need is an open heart and He is very gentle.

GLORY STORIES: (1) God’s Divine Mercy was poured on Joe. Joe does have viral meningitis. He needs to rest. Praise God! (2) Erica accepted to go ahead with Sophia’s baptism. (3) Erica heard God’ call to finish her sacraments and she is now registered to attend the RCIA program. She asked me if I would be her mentor. How could I not accept this request! As she is filling out the registration form she asked me if I was surprised. I said “No”. God answers prayers. She said “You have been praying for me!” All to GOD’S GLORY! You can just imagine the joy I have. Please join me in continuing praising God for all the good He has in store for us. I need to remind myself constantly that all prayers will be answered in God’s time. I thank everyone who faithfully has been praying for my family and myself. Please remember that you are all in my prayers. May God continue to bless you and your family.

Have a blessed weekend!


The Will of God will never take you where the Grace of God will not protect you.

I received a healing at the Divine Mercy conference held at Holy Assumption in Florence NJ. I had a bad back for 15 years.The diagnosis was osteoporosis,stenosis of lumbar and spondylolisthesis.The only cure was by putting metal rods on both sides of the spine. The Holy Spirit came down and took away the pain while we were reciting the chaplet at 3pm. Please add me to the prayer list for those who request prayers. I also have a great sense of peace and have been testifying about his mercy all over the state.

John Viragh