Healing Masses

Will be at Holy Trinity Church

408 Prospect Street

Long Branch, NJ


All Healing Masses will be on the 2nd Sunday of the Month unless noted

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Deacon Vincent P. Ricciardi, Sr. Former Director of Divine Mercy of New Jersey, Inc. and Divine Mercy Healing Ministry of New Jersey. Born in Newark New Jersey March 17, 1949 to Josephine Marie (Filingeri) and Federico Ricciardi. You sure learned how to live if you came from Newark! Irvington High School and Joined the U.S.Army, 101st Airborne and 10th Special Forces. Viet Nam Disabled Veteran. Married to Daisy Duarte, three sons, Vincent Jr., Marc and Peter. Eight (10) Grandchildren, Nicolas, Trianna, Lauren, Juliana, Cyaden, Sofia, Dante. Max, Leo and Julian . Retired Lieutenant from Essex County, New Jersey. Now resides in Manchester New Jersey. Founded in April of 2000 Divine Mercy of New Jersey has provided one day retreats in many parishes to fill the curious with information on Divine Mercy. In March 2001 Divine Mercy Healing Ministry was form from the School of Healing in the Trenton 

Diocese under the strict control of Most Rev. H. Brendan Williams. As students graduate from the school a few are invited to join the Divine Mercy Healing Ministry. The ministry has traveled to New York, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Florida, California and South Carolina and render a Divine Mercy Healing Service. We believe God works His gift through many of us to bring about healing. The ministry is planning to travel to Arizona, Texas , Philippines and Sidney Australia in the coming year.

"Jesus, I Trust In You"

Wish List for the Shrine

We will be delivering all items collected throughout the year 

Hello Deacon Vincent,

I have compiled a "wish list" I know that Christine has been in contact with you as well as Father Anthony, so I do not want to confuse the matter; however, here are items that I have heard we need from the Housekeeper of John Paul II Guest House:

1 * small bath soap bars * like in a motel

2 * small shampoos * like in a motel

3 * small conditioner * like in a motel

4 * Towels - We have a good number of face clothes but we need:

          a. * white hand towels * like in a motel

          b. * white bath towels * like in a motel

          c. * white bath sheets (30 x 52 inch)* like in a motel

5 * we need 6 bathroom rug sets

6 * we need 24 twin size bed spreads * as used in a motel *

       I think this description fits all such needs.

7* ceiling fans with lights 52 inch blades we need 26

8* Bed skirts 24 are needed in white for the twin beds

9* mattress covers 24 are needed for the twin beds

10* pillow covers for standard size 24

11* snow shovels

12* winter gloves (black, priest like)

13* kitchen pot set with frying pans

14* waffle makers 6

15 *shower curtains - white as many as we can get

"Gift certificates any kind - Visa, Master Card, Barnes and Nobles, Lowes, so we can work on the improvements at JP II and the Pilgrim Center. These were very helpful this past year.

Concerning food stuffs:

You have been very helpful with the * olive oil, tomato sauce, canned tuna fish, pastas * can you get some pasta made of Spinach or whole wheat for men like me who have diabetes? Sugar free candy.

Thank you for all your goodness and know that you, your wife and your whole family remain in my prayers and heart. I also thank God for your gift to all who come to be shown the way to God, His Mercy and never ending Providence.

In Jesus and Mary Immaculate,

Fr. Richard J Drabik, MIC

Facilities Manager

Congregation of Marian Fathers

Stockbridge, MA 01262

Wish List for the

Sister of the Holy Eucharist

Gift Cards - any type.

Since the Sisters are in habits it is the unseen that is needed and some other personal items as well.

Mexican food also does very well for the Sisters.

Divine Mercy of New Jersey will be operating the School of Healing.

Location and cost will be announced. If you are interested in the School of Healing please contact us now to insure a place in the school.

What are the Be Not Afraid Family Hours?

The "Be Not Afraid Family Hours" are so much more then just a holy hour. Each Family Hour video beautifully combines devotion and catechism. While you are praying you are also learning more about the Catechism and other spiritual topics along with hearing inspirational messages from Pope John Paul II and Mother Teresa. Each 9 week Family Hour has a specific spiritual topic.

For example our Healing Through Consecration Series has guest speakers discussing and explaining the importance of consecration, offering insights into the consecration to Jesus through Mary according to St. Louis de Montfort. Throughout the nine weeks of this series you will learn about True Devotion and Consecration, while praying the rosary, reviewing the Family Catechism with Francis Cardinal Arinze, meditating on the messages of Mother Teresa and Pope John Paul II, and at the same time your heart will be warmed by the beautiful songs from various Catholic artists. The Family Hours are a wonderful irreplaceable way for families, parish communities & neighborhoods to come together to pray and learn about the Catholic faith.

The Family Hours were designed to be played in parish churches so families can come together in the Eucharistic Presence of our Lord to pray, learn and go to Confession. That is a powerful combination inspired by Mother Teresa who was a very dear friend of our founders Jerry & Gwen Coniker. We do recommend that the Be Not Afraid Family Hours be run in your parish church. We have found that many families start the Be Not Afraid Family Hours in their home and pray them into their churches. The Family Hours however may be used in a setting that best suites your family and parish community.